About me

I am getting on a bit these days, older than I would like to admit and without quite knowing how that happened.

I currently teach in an Ecole Européenne, where I have produced resources for teaching Sciences and Philosophy (I hope to make some of these resources available, either here or by way of links – contact me, if you are looking for help in this area). I have directed, written or translated a few plays and put together, even composed, a few pieces of music.

I consider myself to be a European and my politics are decidedly Liberal (an admirer of JS Mill), which is just as well given that I live in a city at the heart of Europe, in which two thirds of the population are immigrants.  Years ago I was Bermondsey Liberal Party’s press officer at the time of Simon Hughes successful by-election and subsequent re-election.

I have a mandolin obsessed wife, two clever daughters (one with 3 masters in Eng Lit and other literary stuff (with a distinction) from Edinburgh; the other a congratulatory first in EP (Oxford, St Hugh’s, now on a PhD in London) and besides which have exceptional musical talents. I play the piano (not that well, though just enough to accompany my daughters at the city’s conservatoire in earlier years) and struggle, trying to learn to play a temperamental one century old bassoon.

Martin Bennett


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